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Earthquakes in Greece

Instructions: Navigate through the map and click either on the earthquake dot on the map you wish, or on the earthquake list item on teh right hand side. You can also use the quick search selections to quickly filter earthquakes per category (earthquakes with magnitude more than 4, 5 as well as the 5 most sever),as well as the advanced search to seek earthquakes which occured during the selected period.

1. The orange line on the map shows the earth's major tectonic plates.
2. The most recent 150 earthquakes appear on the list and on the map based on the chosen criteria (Earthquakes data date since 18/01/2010).

Greece earthquakes heatmap animation implemented an interesting historical heatmap animation of all seismic activity in Greece for the period January 2010 - beginning of February 2014, per month where one can see areas with increased seismic activity, as well as its magnitude.

The more "red" the spt, the more the activity.

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